Custom & Modular Exhibits

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Make the most of your next trade show by allowing us to design a unique custom trade show exhibit that will take your brand to the next level. ColorCraft works with a full range of display options so you can choose the best direction for every show…and every budget.

Island Trade Show Exhibits

An island trade show display can help you make the most of your booth space, especially when unencumbered by height and visibility restrictions.

Some advantages of island trade show displays are:

  • Large overhead signage
  • Double-deck structures to expand meeting space
  • Larger graphics and messaging
  • Customers can enter your booth space from 4-sides

The island trade show exhibit offers increased selling space and floor presence over the other exhibit types. These display configurations offer you a variety of options during the design process to expand your branding.

Inline Trade Show Exhibits

Inline exhibits offer reduced installation (and operating costs) along with unlimited options for your brand’s unique booth requirements.

Some advantages of inline trade show displays are:

  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Unlimited custom exhibit design possibilities
  • Reduced booth staff
  • Great for regional shows (as well as national shows!)

Custom Modular & Portable Exhibits

Custom Modular™ exhibits and portable displays can deliver unlimited exhibit design possibilities and support your brand objectives.

Some advantages of Custom Modular™ exhibits and portable displays are:

  • Easy to transport and lower shipping costs
  • Reduced handling, installation and dismantling costs
  • Unlimited display design and functionality possibilities

Custom Modular™ exhibits and portable displays provide a unique solution for improving your brand presence while significantly reducing your exhibit operating costs. These displays can feature large graphics, slat-wall for merchandising, and hard-panel back wall options for client product needs. Custom Modular™ exhibits and portable displays offer the custom design opportunities and brand-continuity seen on larger custom exhibits.


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