Custom Rentals

Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

When looking for a custom exhibit or display rental, consider ColorCraft’s exclusive ShowPak™ National Trade Show Booth Rental Program. We provide unparalleled display options to help your organization reduce expenses without compromising quality or brand presence!

The Benefits of a Custom Rental Exhibit

Discover the pinnacle of flexibility and convenience with our Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rentals. Tailored to meet your unique brand needs and event objectives, a rental exhibit offers a hassle-free, cost-effective solution to make your trade show presence truly standout. Explore the myriad benefits of choosing our custom rental service for your next event:


Cost-Effective: Renting an exhibit typically offers a more budget-friendly option compared to purchasing, especially if your business participates in trade shows infrequently or if you’d prefer not to invest in the upkeep and storage of a permanent exhibit.
No Capital Expense: A rental exhibit will typically go on your organization’s books as an operating expense. A purchased exhibit on the other hand is classified as a capital expense, which comes with additional accounting baggage (and additional cost) as it must be tracked and depreciated over time.
Flexibility in Design: Renting allows for greater flexibility in exhibit design. You can customize or change your exhibit design for different shows or audiences, keeping your presentation fresh and tailored to each event.
Hassle-Free Logistics: Renting an exhibit often includes services such as transportation, setup, and dismantling. This convenience eliminates the logistical challenges and labor associated with managing these tasks, allowing your organization to focus on your trade show strategy and networking.
No Storage Concerns: Without the need to own and store an exhibit, you are able to save on storage costs and space. This is particularly advantageous for companies with limited storage space or again, those that exhibit infrequently.
Access to Latest Trends and Technologies: Rental exhibits often feature the latest designs, trends, and technologies. This access allows your business to present with a cutting-edge and dynamic presence at trade shows without the continuous investment in updating a purchased exhibit.

ShowPak™ Custom Exhibit Rental Program

ColorCraft’s ShowPak™ Custom Exhibit Rental Program offers tremendous value to organizations who are committed to participating in multiple shows. Enjoy a discounted rate on your rental exhibit while ColorCraft handles design, fabrication, shipping, storage, I&D, and maintenance from show to show. Exhibitors also benefit from dedicated support and consultation throughout their trade show journey, ensuring each event is an effortless and resounding success for your organization!

We incorporate dramatic audio-visual display technologies, modern component designs, backlit graphics, and custom-branded colors into our rental exhibit design process to make your booth rental a huge success for your most important audiences. Our booth rental program allows your brand to:

  • Minimize your capital expense
  • Amortize your expense across multiple shows
  • Flexible show-to-show modifications
  • ShowPak™ has been used by major national brands…let us show you!


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