Your Rental Trade Show Booth & Show Services

In a number of articles we’ve written – we’ve talked up the benefits to trade show rental programs. And all of the pros we’ve discussed are certainly attractive and rental programs can be a fantastic alternative to purchasing your trade show booth for many reasons.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to do your homework and ask the right questions of your trade show rental provider. In fact, asking the appropriate questions ahead of time and completely understanding your contract are paramount to the success of your trade show marketing program.

In this article, we’ll talk a bit about trade show services and how they can affect your rental program.

Transporting Your Rental Trade Show Booth

Chances are, your trade show event(s) are going to require that your rental trade show booth be shipped/transported to and from the exhibit location. And it may seem like an obvious detail, but you must be clear up-front on how your rental property will make it to the event by setup day.

Be sure to ask your rental provider if shipping to and from the show are covered as part of the rental agreement and what the associated costs will be.

Some factors that may come into play would be how much time you have before your first show, but here are a few things to consider:

  • Based on delivery date, is there time to use van lines?
  • Will air freight need to be utilized due to time constraints or location?
  • What about the “official carrier” of the show? Are they a viable option??
  • What insurance is available and who is responsible for this?

This should get you thinking in the right direction and begin to arm you with some important questions to ask of your trade show provider regarding transport.

What About Installation and Dismantle of Your Trade Show Rental Booth?

The majority of trade show rental exhibits you’ll encounter are going to require someone other than your own team to set-up and dismantle the booth. In-fact, based on your contract – you might be obligated to your rental firm’s laborers or other firms with which they have experience providing setup and dismantle services of your rental property.

  • Depending on your contract, of course, here are some setup/dismantle details to get you thinking:
  • Your rental exhibit provider may insist that only they are their trusted partners install/dismantle your rental booth
  • How is responsibility for damage, which may be incurred during setup/dismantle handled?
  • What additional services will be required for your booth (electrical, internet, audio/visual, furnishings etc)? And who will coordinate these services??

How Does Program and Account Management Come Into Play?

Your chosen trade show rental provider should be able to provide you with a dedicated account manager and have adequate resources to provide the proper support staff your program requires.

That being said, knowing what services your trade show rental account team should be able to provide is important. Here are a few to consider:

  • Custom rental trade show design & fabrication
  • Total rental trade show services and event coordination
  • On-site supervision
  • Project management
  • Installation and dismantle labor for your rental booth
  • Auxiliary vendor selection

Hopefully, the information in the article will help get you thinking about how show services may impact your trade show rental program. However, if you have questions or would like our team of professionals to help you on your way to trade show rental bliss – give us a shout. We’d be more than happy to assist!

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