Trade Show Rentals – Look Different from Show to Show

Having a fresh and exciting look for your trade show event is important to your brand and is instrumental in attracting visitors to your booth. On the show floor, the trade show exhibits with the biggest “WOW” factor, the newest technologies and the most interactivity often drive the lion’s share of traffic and in-turn leads.

So how is it possible, if you exhibit a number of times each year, possibly showing multiple product lines or targeting different personas – to always have an exhibit that is hip, focused and unique to each show?

If You Own Your Trade Show Booth or Exhibit

Well, if you own your trade show booth or exhibit, you certainly have the option of switching custom graphics in your booth to change the messaging and to some extent, the look and feel. Custom graphics can certainly do a lot to enhance your brand on the show floor. And by having multiple sets of graphics designed and produced, it’s easy enough to decide which graphics package to utilize for each product, show or audience.

It’s also possible to purchase a booth that can be setup in multiple configurations or sizes. Custom modular exhibits are quite suited to be used for different size show spaces or configurations and with the ability to change graphics – let you alter your exhibit from show to show.

But what of larger, truly custom trade show exhibits? Say a 50’x50′, 2 story GIANT? These exhibits are typically not designed to change from show to show – and while you can alter the graphics package, the blue prints and structure aren’t nearly as flexible. These guys are designed to size and are typically meant for a single configuration!

So, if you exhibit at three shows per year – each with different products or goals or target personas – how can your trade show exhibit be fresh and on-point for each outing?? The answer is “Rentals”!

Trade Show Booth Rentals Keep You Looking Great – Show to Show

Especially if you exhibit at a limited number of shows each year or each show draws a different audience – rental trade show exhibits can be THE answer, to looking unique and fresh at each show you attend. By renting rather than purchasing your trade show booth, you and your company aren’t tied to a single design, size or style exhibit – you could literally have a completely different booth at each show you attend!

There are other benefits to renting a custom trade show booth too! Because you won’t own the exhibit, you’ll be saving dollars by not having to store your exhibit (when not in use) and rentals almost always cost less than the purchase of a booth.

But – can rental trade show exhibits really match my brand?

Absolutely! Not only is there a huge selection of size and configurations for the structure of your exhibit, but with the addition of custom graphics packages, flooring and lighting – no one but you will even know that your exhibit is a rental, rather than an owned property.

Truly the sky’s the limit regarding the branding abilities of your rental trade show exhibit!

Like to learn more about how to keep your trade show program fresh, exciting and engaged? Give us a call, we have a trade show rental program in place that will keep you looking GREAT – at every show you attend!

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