Trade Show Booth Lighting Tips: Brighten the Mood

If you built a new home, you would spend lots of time and money choosing the right light fixtures for each room. It shouldn’t be much different when you build a trade show exhibit. Lighting is just as important as your exhibit design, custom flooring and beautiful graphics. People receive 85% of their information through their sense of sight so it is important to make sure the lighting is right at your trade show display so people can see what you want them to see.

  1. Focus. A well designed trade show display will use lighting to guide you to look where we intend you to look. Perhaps towards a television or computer monitor or maybe to a single product under a glass display. Whether we want you to take in the whole exhibit at one time or look directly at something specific, we can manipulate your attention with the proper lighting. Keep in mind the human eye will automatically be attracted to the brightest spot in the room.
  2. Depth. Lighting can add depth to a trade show exhibit space by using the exhibit space, back and side walls of the exhibit, and the shadows. Also consider that too little contrast between object and immediate background makes it hard to distinguish the object from the background.
  3. Mood. With the proper lighting, we can easily set the mood and stage for the scene we want to play out. We can create a sense of ominous drama with dark lighting or we can brighten the day with local lighting over our booth. The trick is to create the mood that will make it easier for your sales team to engage your clients.
  4. Decor. Since we’ve determined lighting is necessary for each trade show booth, you might as well choose fixtures that coordinate with the look and feel of the exhibit to enhance the aesthetic quality of the booth.
  5. Safety. When it comes to lighting, there is more to consider than just how many light bulbs to use. In addition to balancing the mood and decor there has to be an understanding of electrical needs, codes and restrictions. You always want to make sure the sources of light are hidden but that your booth is lit enough to keep visitors safe and accident free.

The good news? When you work with a company as dedicated to your success as we are, these factors will all be considered for you. We would never keep you in the dark about how important lighting is to your trade show exhibit.

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