Proper Exhibit Design Process

Don’t you hate it when you go to get your haircut and end up with a style you didn’t want? Or your server in the restaurant thought you said extra dressing when you said no dressing? The problem is – they didn’t listen to what you wanted. Fortunately for you, that won’t happen at ColorCraft.

Design Discovery

Listening to our clients and asking key questions about their trade show exhibit needs is what sets us apart from our competition. Typically, trade show coordinators rush through the design discovery process when it really needs to be thought out and creative. Asking the right questions, really listening to what is being said and not said slows the client down and helps them brainstorm what they really want.

When we first get together we get to know you and your company. We explore what you like and dislike from shapes to colors. We talk about your challenges, competitors and your branding and marketing goals, opportunities and restrictions. This process also allows you to Get to Know Us by asking questions and making sure we are who you want to work with on your trade show exhibit.

We get you involved in the design process. We develop white study models after the initial meeting. From these models we take likes and dislikes of the concepts and morph them into something that is created with the clients’ direct involvement, giving them ownership of the design. That’s how we roll! It’s not – here’s your design, here’s your price. It’s here’s some different directions you might consider exploring that you haven’t thought about before, what do you think? Then back to the drawing board, refining it till it’s perfect and everything the client wanted – with all the bells and whistles – and still within budgetary guidelines. The R.O.I is a custom branded marketing environment that generates leads by standing out on the show floor with great form and functionality with the latest in interactive technology and it was all designed with the client’s involvement.

Let us help you make your exhibit dreams come true.

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