Redesigning Vs. Refurbishing Your Trade Show Exhibit

The end of summer is quickly approaching. And for many that means time to set the annual budget. Is this the year you replace your trade show exhibit or can you get by with refurbishing one more time?

It’s certainly up to you. Designers prefer to start fresh and clean with a new booth, but you (and your budget) ultimately make the decision. Chances are a logo has changed or your sales strategy has been tweaked and your trade show booth needs to reflect that update.

We probably don’t need to remind you, but we will anyway. Your trade show booth says so much about you and your business. You know a sharp exhibit will attract more people, get them interested in your brand and product and raise the perceived value of your company. Do you really want someone to notice a stain on the carpet or a graphic that looks dated? What does that say about how you do business?

Is It Time Your Trade Show Exhibit Gets a Fresh Look?

Every exhibit is different and some can be refurbished for a fraction of the cost of a new exhibit. Talk with your designer about new graphics, new branding elements, lighting accents, expanding spaces and adding different furniture. Be sure to consider traffic flow or any other constraints you noted from the last show. But don’t hold on to that exhibit too long. 5 years is about the shelf life – even with refurbishing.

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to refurbish your exhibit so budget accordingly, especially if your company has experienced major changes and plans to work differently. Consider new technology that is available. Make your new trade show exhibit everything you want it to be. You’d be amazed what dreams can come true at ColorCraft.

Bottom line – make sure you DO something. Your competition is sure to look good – let’s make sure you look better.

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