How to Exhibit Safely at Your Next Trade Show

The building anticipation of the wide-scale return of trade shows can be felt throughout the industry, however there will likely be a few new items on your show checklist. Although hand sanitizer has long been a staple for many exhibitors, it is important to consider the cleanliness of surfaces, electronic devices, pens, clipboards, and any other high-touch objects or components of your exhibit. So, where does one start? ColorCraft has partnered with Multi-Clean Solutions to distribute a sanitizer kit specifically with exhibitors in mind! Check out our sanitation checklist below:

Hand Sanitizer

Although trade show veterans may be very familiar with having a small, personal hand sanitizer bottle handy, ensuring the safety and comfort of your booth guests will be paramount. A hand sanitizer dispenser at your booth is an effective way to promote safe show participation, while also creating an opportunity for discussion as attendees use your dispenser. We recommend a pump operated foaming hand sanitizer, as it is less likely to drip and make a mess than gel sanitizer. Foam sanitizer also dries quickly, minimizing fingerprints or residue from hand-to-surface contact. The Trade Show Sanitizer Kit includes one 16.9 oz Red Cross foaming hand sanitizer bottle, perfect for the show floor. Also included in the kit are four non-aerosol hand sanitizer spray bottles, with a capacity of roughly 900 sprays per bottle.

Surface Wipes

Exhibitors should plan on having enough disinfecting wipes on hand to wipe down the main surface touch points after each meeting with an attendee. Wipes free of bleach, alcohol, ammonia, or peroxide are ideal, as they will not tarnish or degrade the surfaces of your exhibit. Flat-pack wipes are preferred for ease of storage and transportation. It is also a good idea to keep a few wipes in a sandwich bag handy for use during a lunch break, or even for back at the hotel. The Trade Show Sanitizer Kit includes 4 50 ct. flat-packs of EPA certified disinfectant wipes, effective against viruses and bacteria without harming exhibit surfaces!

Disinfecting Cleaner Spray

At the end of each day of the show, exhibitors should use a disinfecting spray to wipe down and sanitize the entire booth. Much like the wipes, it is important that this spray is formulated to not degrade surfaces. A regular 32. oz bottle should be more than enough to get you through a multi-day show, however the amount required will ultimately depend on the size of your exhibit and the overall show duration. Your Trade Show Sanitizer Kit includes one 32 oz. EPA certified disinfectant spray, specially formulated to be non-toxic while maintaining bacteria, virus, mold, and fungus elimination properties.

Between hand sanitizer, disinfecting surface wipes, and disinfecting spray, exhibitors should be well equipped to re-enter the trade show world while promoting safe exhibiting and maximizing the comfort of your booth guests. A clean exhibit space will attract more engagement from attendees, and guests would feel encouraged to participate in more meaningful discussion in your booth. Order your kit today, and be prepared for your next trade show!

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