Can a Custom Rental Trade Show Exhibit be Affordable?

When you hear the word “custom,” what comes to mind? For most, whatever they envision – boat, car, home, exhibit – they think “expensive.” And why shouldn’t they? Custom equals unique. Whatever it is, it’s made according to personal order. And typically that comes with a hefty price tag.

Throw the word “rental” in the mix and folks think they will have no options. That couldn’t be further from the truth with DesignShop, now ColorCraft. When we say custom we mean unique but without the high price tag. We have an extensive inventory of rental trade show exhibit pieces that can be easily customized with color, graphics, or other details, to make them look like they are branded just for the client’s company.

While many companies say they offer custom trade show rental displays, ask lots of questions and see what they have to offer before you settle. DesignShop has an incredibly skillful trade show design and fabrication team so when we say custom rental exhibit, we mean it.

Our basic structural pieces can be manipulated into endless configurations to accommodate any functional or aesthetic need out there. Think of them as building blocks that you can use to create whatever design you want.

Why Choose a Custom Rental Trade Show Exhibit?

Custom rental trade show exhibits are perfect for companies participating in multiple shows each year with multiple configurations because they can still get cohesive brand exposure without investing in the purchase of all the properties. They are also great for companies who exhibit at multiple shows within the same footprint/needs because we can then offer discount pricing for them – renting the same properties for more than one show. Be sure to ask us about our ShowPak savings.

Custom rental trade show displays also save the client money because there are no storage fees – since the properties belong to DesignShop and are in use for more than just that particular client’s shows, they aren’t requiring warehouse space. Plus you save on shipping costs!

Renting your custom trade show display gives you the look you want without being tied to the booth. You can get a fresh new look with every show.