Benefits of a Custom Trade Show Rental Exhibit

You’ve seen them on the show floor (don’t pretend you haven’t) – trade show booths that are either in need of serious repair and updates OR those that simply look like the exhibitor should have gone for the upgrade. Not exactly putting their brands’ proverbial best foot forward huh?

In many cases, companies and trade show marketing managers “settle” for purchasing a trade show booth that is within their estimated budget, but doesn’t really “say” the most about their brands…..

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a better answer than having to “settle” on the purchase of your next trade show booth!

Enter Trade Show Booth Rental Programs

With the average cost of purchasing a custom trade show booth being in the range of 3-4 times (or more) the cost of renting a trade show booth – rental programs become a very strong alternative to purchasing an exhibit of the same cost. Just to toss a number out there, that means renting a fifty thousand dollar exhibit for as little as ten to fifteen thousand. Huge difference.

And the flip side of that is, if your budget for your upcoming trade show event’s exhibit is $15,000 – would you rather represent your company with a $50,000 custom trade show booth rental – or purchase an exhibit (within your budget) that isn’t even close to the level of customization and quality you’d receive with the rental. Again, your exhibit says a lot about your brand on the show floor.

A Word About Quality and Upkeep

When you rent your trade show booth, you can be sure they’ll be providing durable and good looking structures. And of course they’ll be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the exhibits.

Because upkeep is “on their dime” it makes sense that they’ll be using high-quality components and structures in the first place. They last longer and require less on-going repair – which puts a higher quality exhibit in your hands for the time you need it!

Other Benefits to Renting Your Trade Show Booth

Of course, there are a number of other benefits to renting your trade show booth over purchasing besides the quality of the exhibit….

  • No storage fees for exhibits you rent vs own
  • No capital expenditure with a rental trade show booth
  • The ability to rent more than one exhibit at the time for overlapping events
  • Flexibility to change your exhibit and footprint from show to show
  • No cost for upkeep and updates to your trade show booth (you don’t own it!)
  • AND you can afford to rent a whole lot more exhibit than you can buy….

If you have questions about how your brand can look its best at your next trade show event – give ColorCraft a shout. We’ll help you navigate the numerous choices out there and outfit you with a solution that fits your budget and keeps your brand looking stellar!

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