Are Trade Shows Worth the Investment?

There’s a reason that businesses keep exhibiting at trade shows and expos despite the cost. When done right, trade show exhibits are a great way to build brand awareness and drive sales. If you’re an exhibitor (or planning to become one), you’ve probably wondered about having your own custom trade show display. But while creating your marketing budget, you’ve probably been tempted to go with a generic, pre-designed booth. It comes down to your unique business’s goals and needs. To help you make your decision, we’re here to tell you the main reasons that custom trade show exhibits are worth the investment (and when they’re not).

Before we delve into custom trade show exhibits, let’s quickly talk about the basic advantages of exhibiting. After all, that’s the question that comes first. Are trade shows worth it? It breaks down into four main benefits.

Why trade shows are worth it:

Trade show exhibits are great for displaying new products.

According to CEIR, that’s what 92% of trade show attendees say they are at an expo to see. If you sell products, having your own trade show booth gives you the perfect opportunity to demo your product to new people.

They offer face-to-face time with prospects.

We all know in-person sales meetings are powerful. They’re also difficult to get. Exhibiting at a trade show allows you to build relationships and address concerns immediately.

Trade show attendees having purchasing power.

The trickiest part of marketing can be getting in front of the decision maker. But about 4 out of every 5 people attending a trade show having buying authority. You’ll meet tons of leads and create valuable contacts.

The leads are less expensive to convert.

If you’re a first time exhibitor, trade shows can seem expensive. The upside is that trade show leads actually cost less to close. The cost of a face-to-face meeting with a prospect at a trade show is $142. That’s well below the average $259 it takes to get a face-to-face meeting at a prospect’s office.

If you’ve decided trade show exhibiting will benefit your business, the next step is to plan your exhibit. Should you rent from the general show contractor, or bring your own? Should you buy a generic booth, or design a custom display? To sort through the options, let’s talk about the merits of custom trade show exhibits.

Why custom trade show exhibits are worth it:

Custom trade show exhibits can be cost-effective.

We know your first concern will be cost. That’s why you should consider how often your business attends trade shows and expos. If you’re a first time exhibitor, you probably want to rent. But even generic exhibits that you rent from the general show contractor can be pricey when you factor in all the fees. If you attend a few shows a year, owning a custom trade show exhibit is the more cost-effective option that will pay for itself.

Customized displays enhance brand positioning.

You only get one chance at a first impression. Designing a custom trade show display will allow you to visually define your brand. With creative trade show exhibit ideas, you can create a branded experience that connects with your target customer. It also sends a message to your industry. You can use your custom trade show exhibit to position yourself as a niche provider, established brand or major industry player.

They draw attention and increase ROI.

To get a return on your trade show booth, you need to draw audiences in. Can you do that with a rental from the general show contractor? Consider what your competitors will be doing, and what it will take to stand out. Having an eye-catching custom exhibit will allow you to attract visitors, leave with more leads, and skyrocket your trade show ROI.

They attract highly targeted leads.

You can draw your ideal visitor into your trade show exhibit by designing it specifically for them. Partnering with a full-service exhibit agency makes a difference. When working with an exhibit designer to build your own custom trade show display, they should use your target customers’ needs as inspiration. By focusing on customer-centric design, you and your designers will come up with innovative ways to capture the attention of motivated prospects.

Custom trade show exhibits can be rented.

Not all trade show rentals are the same. It’s important for your business to do comparative research when deciding on an exhibit. Some exhibit companies offer custom trade show exhibit rentals like ours, and others offer generic options. Wanting a rental doesn’t have to put custom trade show exhibits out of reach.

When you weigh the benefits, custom trade show exhibits are worth the investment for most businesses. For more ideas, check out the custom trade show exhibits and custom trade show exhibit rentals we’ve designed for our clients. Or contact our team to discuss your brand’s unique trade show needs.

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