4 Tips for Choosing the Best Exhibit Space at Trade Shows

Choosing the right trade shows to exhibit at and the perfect booth design for your company are important decisions to your overall marketing success. But once you’ve made these choices, have you considered which space on the show floor might get you the most bang for your buck?

After all, no matter what show organizers might tell you, no all exhibit spaces are created equal. Some spaces on the show floor virtually guarantee a busy booth, while others leave you feeling, well… a bit empty.

Here’s a breakdown of what to look for in an exhibit space and a few of the pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

1. Near the Show Floor Entrance

Consider the entrance to your favorite big-box retailer or department store. Not only are the windows leading up to the store decked out, but just inside you’ll typically find some of the most attractive product displays and specials.

And this is for good reason. Patrons are most fresh when first entering a store – or in this case, the show floor and are most receptive to the exhibits they’ll see (and hopefully remember).

Not only are show attendees fresh and ready to engage, but being located close to the show floor entrance provides lots of foot traffic. The sheer volume of prospects walking past your booth will provide your sales team with lots of opportunities.

Another benefit of being located near the entrance is the sheer visibility of your brand and hanging banners. When trying to attract attention and recognition, there aren’t any better placements, at the show, to have your company be seen.

2. Other High Traffic Areas Near Food & Restrooms

Aside from the main entrance to the show floor, there are other high-traffic areas at trade shows to consider. At some point, just about every attendee will visit either the food/drink area or restrooms – probably both.

Having your booth positioned at the exit to these areas ensures that lots of attendees will pass directly by your exhibit, giving you the exposure you’re looking for.

3. Aisle Intersections and Corners

Busy intersections at trade shows are a great place to position your trade show exhibit. You’ll have opportunities to capture visitors on two different aisles and those that congregate in the intersection itself.

By designing a booth that is open to both aisles, your sales staff will have twice the opportunity afforded by not being on a corner.

4. Close Proximity to Show Sponsors or Other Major Attractions

If you can gain access to seeing where other exhibitors will be located, prior to booking, it may make sense to be located near show sponsors or other major exhibitors, as long as they aren’t direct competitors.

Your exhibit will gain added exposure due to the high-traffic nature of these exhibits.

A Few Areas of the Trade Show Floor to Avoid

Because most show visitors (in the U.S., that is) will move to the right (think natural flow of traffic) – it makes sense that being in the back, left corner of the show floor won’t be very desirable! This may be opposite in countries where folks drive on the other side of the road.

Also, you’ll want to avoid having close proximity to your direct competitors. Keep some distance between your exhibits.

We hope this helps you select your floor location at your next trade show! Have some questions or would like additional recommendations about booth size or design?

Give our team a shout, we’ll know just how to best position your company and brand!

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