Custom Rental vs. Hybrid Trade Show Exhibits

If you’re a marketing manager or responsible for the trade show marketing for your company, surely you’ve read a number of articles about the benefits of custom trade show rentals. Certainly, there has been no shortage of articles written about the benefits of renting, renting vs purchasing, etc. In fact, we’ve written a number of these articles – but this is not THAT article.

This piece isn’t about the pros and cons of renting vs purchasing – in fact, this article deals with an entirely different animal. The species we’re discussing here is actually a combination of trade show assets you own AND those you rent. In other words, by combining rented and owned components – we can create a new breed all together known as “hybrid trade show exhibits”.

Sounds exotic huh!?!

A Bit More About This New Breed – Hybrid Trade Show Exhibits

So, if hybrid trade show exhibits are made up of owned and rented assets, what exactly does that mean to you – the marketer?

First, it’s important to understand what is typically owned and what is rented to create a hybrid. In the majority of situations, it makes the most sense to purchase portions of your trade show exhibit which are either heavily branded or are designed specifically to showcase products. In other words, pieces that are truly custom to your brand or project.

By owning these assets, you have the freedom to  let your creativity and imagination fly and design/brand pieces of your exhibit that relate directly to your business, your product lines and your target personas. These custom components may include graphics packages, hanging signs and custom point-of-purchase displays. The exotic flair your brand deserves and that which attracts attendees to your exhibit.

The portions of hybrid trade show exhibits, which are most often rented, are the components that make up the core structure of the booth itself. From wall panels to kiosks and beyond, a variety of custom rental options exist to make up the footprint and structure of your exhibit. And the best part is, these rental components can be changed from show to show – giving you different footprints, configurations and exhibit sizes.

So, What are the Benefits of Hybrid Trade Show Exhibits?

There are a number of benefits to utilizing this new animal, hybrid trade show exhibits, rather than either renting or purchasing everything for your shows.

  • The portions of your exhibit program you own may be highly customized specifically to fit your product line, branded architecture, or specific demonstrations.
  • By renting the main structure and footprint of your booth, you have the flexibility of changing the footprint and configuration of your exhibit from show to show.
  • Renting the structure of the booth itself, will save money by eliminating storage and ongoing maintenance.

In addition, if you already own a trade show exhibit or customized components – a highly skilled trade show company like ColorCraft, can work with you to pair your existing assets with additional rental components!

As you can see, hybrid trade show exhibits allow you to experience the best of both worlds – highly customized assets you own and the flexibility only available in trade show rental programs.

Remember folks – it’s a jungle out there! If you’d like our professionals to help you navigate the wild, give us a shout! We’d love to hear about where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. We’ll get you there safely!

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