7 Best Trade Show Booth Ideas for 2020

Ready to up your brand’s game at next year’s trade show? A creative and thoughtfully designed exhibit will not only help you stand out from the competition. It will ensure you attract more visitors, grow brand awareness, and achieve your trade show goals. So let us give you some insights and examples into upcoming trends in the exhibiting world – plus our seven best trade show booth ideas for 2020:

1. Create a multi-sensory experience.

You know it’s important that your trade show exhibit makes attendees look your way. But when coming up with trade show booth ideas, don’t forget to engage the other senses. Depending on your product or services, talk to your exhibit designer about how the use of ambient lighting, tactile displays and textures, or scent marketing can be used.

Consider how different options enhance your branding and tie into your exhibit’s theme. Midland Radio’s exhibit uses rugged textures like natural wood and brick to fit their brand and create the feel of a wilderness lodge in the great outdoors.

2.  Invite attendees to relax in your space.

It’s no secret that days spent walking around a trade show and expo are long and tiring.  Visitors will appreciate it if your exhibit has a comfortable place for them to escape the bustle on the show floor. See how McDonald’s exhibit goes beyond only offering tables for eating and also provides lounge chairs for tired guests to sit down. As a unique bonus you could include a free phone charging station!

3. “Go green” with natural plant displays.

When inside a large convention hall, the use of plants can really stand out and turn your exhibit into a calm retreat. You can incorporate them in planters or try the trend of live “green walls.” This modern option can double as an eye-catching way to display your company name, logo, or a slogan that pops against the greenery. It also makes a great photo-op for booth visitors that builds brand awareness when they share it on social media. AdventHealth’s exhibit uses a living plant wall to frame the display’s video wall and draw attention to its message.

4. Build big (and up!) to attract more visitors.

This one may seem obvious, but business can sometimes overlook the value and impact a larger exhibit can have on increasing your trade show ROI. You can “go big” with more than just floor space. You can also upsize your trade show display by building up with hanging signs or multi-story exhibits. Displays like Braskem’s exhibit use the size and height of striking architectural details to command the show floor.

5. Use immersive technology like virtual reality.

Want to think even bigger as you brainstorm your trade show booth ideas? Get ahead of your competition by going high-tech with virtual reality.  For example, Car companies can incorporate virtual driving games that allow attendees to take a “test drive.” But that’s only one way to gamify the experience. Immerse visitors in your booth with design features like interactive floors and video walls.

6. Team up with a full-service exhibit agency.

When you’re ready to turn your trade show booth ideas into designs, save on hassle and extra costs by teaming up with a full-service exhibit agency. A full-service exhibit company will take care of every step of the process for you, from designing and building to shipping and installing your trade show exhibit. That way your own team can focus on its most important task – connecting with potential customers.

7. Offer unique ways to interact with your product.

When it comes down to it, the majority of people that attend trade shows want to see the latest new products and offerings in the industry. This should be central to your design. It’s about more than just displaying your products on a shelf. Incorporate a space for visitors to hold them, test them, watch product demonstrations and learn about the coolest features. Village Farms’ exhibit uses an open bar area to invite their booth visitors to take a seat and comfortably experience and learn more about their products.

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