5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Trade Show Exhibit

Everyone, especially marketers, look to get the most bang for their buck when making purchasing decisions. And let’s face it – trade show marketing can be expensive.

The costs add up when you consider the booth space, pre-show advertising, your sales staff, the booth itself – and the list goes on…

But there are ways to save your marketing budget, while not sacrificing how you look to prospects on show day. After all, saving money doesn’t have to mean looking like you designed your booth “on the cheap”!

Consider Renting Your Trade Show Booth or Exhibit

Rental trade show displays and custom rental exhibits can look every bit as spectacular as an exhibit your company purchases. In fact, there often isn’t a difference at all!

And if you only exhibit at a few shows per year, or if only one of the shows you exhibit at requires a larger exhibit – then renting can almost certainly save you money over purchasing.

Refurbish Your Existing Trade Show Exhibit Rather Than Buy a New One

A few years on the road, multiple setup and dismantles, and your shiny trade show exhibit can start to lose it’s polish.

Rather than toss in the towel though, consider refurbishing your existing exhibit, updating branding and graphics and adding new features or components to your booth.

You’ll not only save dollars by not building a completely new display, but you’ll breathe new life into your brand and get the “green” benefits of not discarding your booth.

Purchase a Light-Weight, Compact Modular Display and Reap the Benefits

By purchasing or renting a light-weight, portable and modular display you’ll not only save on the initial purchase of your display – you’ll also reduce shipping and storage costs.

And these types of exhibits don’t have to mean looking small or giving up on branding. Compact modular exhibit systems come in sizes from 10x10s all the way up to 20×30 exhibits and larger!

In addition, because this breed of modular exhibit is just that, “modular”, a number of configurations may be possible with the same booth – so exhibiting at different sizes is possible with a single “scalable” unit.

A Bit More About How Modular Exhibits Can Save You Money

Modular exhibits are created using components that can be easily interchanged and configured to change the structure of an exhibit with ease. This allows for different sizes and footprints to be created while saving dollars.

And because modular exhibits are easier to assemble and dismantle, your budget won’t suffer by needing huge labor teams to setup, dismantle and ship your trade show exhibit.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

It goes almost without saying…that waiting until the last minute to design and purchase or rent your trade show exhibit will ultimately impact your budget. Designers and fabricators, as well as shipping, will all cost dramatically more when the word “RUSH” enters the conversation.

Plan ahead and create something extraordinary while the pressure is off!

Like to learn a bit more about how you can get the most from your trade show marketing budget? Our seasoned professionals would love to show you the way! Give us a call and let us help you achieve more success from your trade show program.