One of the most important things I’ve ever learned was an elementary understanding of computer programming. It’s fascinating really, but amazingly simple when broken down to its key ideology.

My understanding all started when a friend of mine was going back to school and wanted to study computer science and philosophy… At that time, it seemed like those two things were like oil and water. Of course, I laughed for a second and then questioned how the heck he intended on combining the two and he responded with one word: “logic”.

The idea of logic was something I never really dove into understanding, but this conversation was about to be forever enlightening. He explained that everything in computer science could logically be explained as a series of complex “if / then” statements, and then connected that thinking to code. “If mouse clicks here, then open application.”

It was an interesting connection that distills the idea of logic into the most basic understanding and allows it to be applied to anything – even creativity.