SEMA Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Are you planning to exhibit at the SEMA show? How will your booth stand out? There are thousands of booths on display, and it’s more competitive than ever for automotive equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

That means that booth design is an integral part of your marketing plan for the year. Your space needs to entice attendees to stop, take a look at your offerings, and compel them to want to learn more. It takes careful planning to design an effective SEMA booth that’s also comfortable for attendees to stop in for a chat.

What is the SEMA show?

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show saw its debut in 1967 in Los Angeles. It’s now well-known for its annual trade show held in Las Vegas, the largest of its kind in the world. The mission of SEMA is to promote and increase growth within the specialty automotive equipment industry. The show typically takes place over the course of four days in early November at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Who Attends SEMA?

The SEMA show is what is known as a trade-only event, meaning attendees must be employed or own a business in the aftermarket automative equipment industry. Exhibitors and attendees represent companies from around the world, giving exhibitors access to a wide variety of potential vendors, partners, and suppliers.

Why Exhibit at SEMA?

The professional nature of the SEMA audience means you are speaking with qualified industry professionals. Although SEMA is an industry-only show, automotive enthusiasts around the world pay close attention to SEMA coverage, gaining you exposure with end users and potential customers.

Additionally, exhibitors get the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and public figures, which can be invaluable in terms of networking. They are also able to seek expert advice from other SEMA exhibitors, giving them the chance to learn about new products, trends, and innovations.

Finally, the aftermarket automotive space is exceptionally competitive. Staying in tune with what other exhibitors are promoting, discussing, or launching at SEMA can keep your business positioned competitively.

SEMA Booth Types

There are three main booth configurations that exhibitors can choose from at SEMA:

Linear Exhibit:

A linear SEMA exhibit, also known as an in-line booth, is a booth arranged in a line with other exhibitors. As there are exhibitors on each side, these booths leave only the front exposed to the aisle. These booths are typically 10’x10′, however can be greater in length for an additional fee if requested.

Peninsula Exhibit:

A peninsula exhibit is an “end cap” booth, meaning the front and sides are exposed to the aisle. These provide fantastic exposure at SEMA, and are typically a minimum of 20’x20′.

Island Exhibit:

An island exhibit offers the most exposure, and arguably the most audience impact, as it is disconnected entirely from the linear booths. All four sides of the booth are exposed to the aisle. Similar to the peninsula exhibits, these are typically a minimum of 20’x20′ at SEMA.

Additionally, exhibitors will want to consider whether renting their exhibit, or purchasing would best suit their trade show program goals. Our team at ColorCraft can walk you through the pros and cons of each, and help you identify which option is best for your business.

How do I know what size and style booth is right for me?

Whether you exhibit at the SEMA show every year, or you’re planning your first SEMA booth, ColorCraft can help you determine the ideal booth size and type for your goals. ColorCraft has helped numerous automotive brands create an impactful experience at SEMA. Take a look at a few of our projects below:

Amalie Motor Oil

20′ x 70′ Island Rental Exhibit

Mr. Gasket

20′ x 40′ Custom Peninsula Exhibit

Ford Racing

(2) 20′ x 60′ Island Rental Exhibits, side by side

MSD Group

40′ x 50′ Custom Island Exhibit

From booth design to setup and take-down, rely on ColorCraft to take your trade show program to the next level at SEMA. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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