8 Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Exhibit Company

When planning to exhibit at a trade show, selecting the right trade show exhibit company is crucial. Asking the right questions will help you find a reliable partner that aligns with your vision and ensures a successful and memorable trade show experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the seven essential questions to ask your trade show exhibit company.

What is your experience in designing and building trade show exhibits?

A reputable trade show exhibit company will be proud to share its extensive experience in the industry. Look for a company with a proven track record and a portfolio of successful projects. An experienced team will have the expertise to design captivating exhibits that effectively represent your brand and achieve your trade show objectives. ColorCraft has been fabricating custom trade show exhibits for over 20 years, and has an extensive portfolio available for review.

How do you approach customizing exhibits to suit our brand and goals?

Your ideal partner will prioritize understanding your brand identity, messaging, and specific trade show goals. They should involve you in the design process, collaborating closely to ensure the exhibit reflects your unique attributes. Look for a company that emphasizes customization and tailoring the exhibit to showcase your brand’s distinct personality. ColorCraft engages in a highly consultative, client-centric design process, and can advise on elements that best highlight your organization’s differentiating attributes while supporting your brand. 

What services do you offer beyond exhibit design and construction?

An all-inclusive trade show exhibit company will provide comprehensive services beyond design and construction. Look for a company that offers logistics management, installation and dismantle support, and assistance with show planning and management. Comprehensive services ensure a seamless trade show experience, allowing you to focus on connecting with attendees. ColorCraft offers extensive design and fabrication services, custom exhibits and custom rental exhibits, as well as pre and post-show support. 

Can you work with our budget and provide cost transparency?

Your trade show exhibit company should respect your budget constraints and offer transparent cost estimates. They should be flexible in accommodating varying budgets and present you with design and material options to suit your financial needs. Open communication about costs and potential cost-saving strategies will help you make informed decisions. 

How do you handle the storage and maintenance of exhibits between shows?

An efficient trade show exhibit company will have secure storage facilities to preserve your exhibits between shows. They should offer regular maintenance services to keep the exhibits in optimal condition, ready for each event. Ensuring proper storage and maintenance will extend the life of your exhibit and protect your investment. ColorCraft maintains storage facilities in major trade show markets, and is able to efficiently store, deploy, and dismantle your exhibit from show to show annually. 

Have you worked with clients at this show/venue before?

An exhibit company with experience at your show and/or venue can yield insights that create a more efficient design and implementation process. Past experience at a show means that the exhibit company is familiar with venue logistics, understands venue guidelines, may already have a relationship with show staff, and is familiar with exhibit design that resonates with attendees. ColorCraft has supported clients at nearly every major show and venue throughout North America, several times over. 

Will I have a dedicated point of contact?

Your trade show exhibit company should dedicate a team or point of contact to your project. This allows for streamlined decision making, more efficient collaboration, and familiarity with your project from start to finish. ColorCraft will appoint an Account Executive, National Account Manager, and Project Manager, ensuring that you receive timely responses and updates from an employee who is intimately familiar with your project. 

Do you offer exhibit rentals?

Depending on your goals and budget, a custom rental exhibit may be the best way to go. A custom rental still allows you to exhibit with a tailored look, but you do not have the headaches of storage, depreciation, or maintenance. A rental also gives exhibitors more flexibility to change their look and messaging from show to show, which an be beneficial if you are looking to promote certain services/offerings at specific shows. ColorCraft offers a comprehensive custom rental exhibit program, opening a number of options to exhibitors. Be sure to relay your goals and budget, and ask if a rental exhibit is right for you. You can check out our rental exhibit pros and cons here.

Asking the right questions is fundamental to selecting the ideal trade show exhibit company. Consider their experience, client references, customization approach, service offerings, budget flexibility, storage solutions, and commitment to sustainability. Finding a trade show exhibit company that aligns with your needs and values ensures a show-stopping presence on the trade show floor and elevates your brand to new heights.

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