6 Ways to Stand Out on the Trade Show Floor

Exhibiting at trade shows is all about marketing your company to a captive audience – bringing folks into your exhibit and engaging with them one-on-one. And while your pre-show marketing efforts should go a long way to book appointments for your sales team (ahead of time) – standing out on the show floor IS just as important.

Not only can having an outstandingly designed and fabricated trade show booth help to attract visitors and prospects to your exhibit, but the appearance of your booth is a direct reflection of your brand. It’s your duty to make sure it shines on show day!

Here are a few ingredients for standing out on the show floor with custom design & fabrication.

Maximizing Your Show Floor Location

Of course, choosing the right space at the show for your booth is important to traffic and visibility – but making your exhibit easy to spot from across the show floor is important too. By designing and fabricating eye-catching, legible hanging banners, signs, and custom graphics – attendees will be able to easily spot your location from the next aisle over or further.

Custom Graphics in Your Exhibit Design

Well-designed, custom graphics not only function to demand immediate attention from show attendees but also to create a voice for your exhibit. Custom trade show graphics should be clean, easy to read from a distance, and marry with your overall brand. Your company should be instantly recognizable by those walking the aisles and should communicate and support your latest, most innovative products and services.

Consider an Open Footprint to Let Attendees See Inside from the Outside

When designing the footprint of your trade show exhibit, consider keeping the layout open – so that attendees can see into your booth from the outside and have easy access to coming inside. Pay specific attention to the arrangement of walls, furniture, and other displays, so that your booth feels welcoming and approachable.

Lighting and Setting the Mood for Your Exhibit

Did you know that people receive 85% of their information through their sense of sight?

Having the appropriate lighting in your exhibit not only ensures the safety of your guests but also goes a long way setting the appropriate mood in your environment. From back-lit graphics to cabinet lighting you’ll be able to set the appropriate mood, depth, and focus in your exhibit by planning creative and functional use of lighting fixtures.

The Structure and Materials that Create the Architecture of Your Exhibit Matter

Like the skyline of a major city, the skyline of your trade show exhibit – not only helps you visually stand out, on the trade show floor – but creates an instant impression on attendees. Through the innovative design of your trade show exhibit you should be creating an eye-catching, yet functional structure that demands the attention of those walking by. And then welcomes and accommodates them as they enter.

Don’t Forget About Custom Flooring – There’s More Out There Than Just Carpet

When thinking about the design of your trade show exhibit, the floor could be the last thing you have your mind on. But wait a second. There’s more to trade show booth flooring than just carpet.

Consider creating a more memorable experience by getting creative with the floor of your exhibit! From faux wood flooring to synthetic flooring choices – they are durable, resistant to stains, and versatile. And why not add a bit of backing to make it comfortable for your staff and guests who are on their feet all day?

The experts at ColorCraft know a thing or two about custom design, materials, and trade show exhibit fabrication. If you’d like an award-winning team of experts to help with your next exhibit design, give us a call! We’d love to show you what we’re capable of.

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